Attracting Spirits to You – Part 7

Attracting spirits is both easier and harder than most people expect. All you need is energy, most spirits’ favorite meal, and you can have a spirit gathering the size of a rock concert. Fortunately, with a few exceptions, the energy needs coherency; it needs to be ordered to attract a spirit’s attention. The three main categories of energy for our discussion are: Physical, Emotional, and Metaphysical.

Physical energy, obviously, is raised and given coherency by doing stuff. Housework (notably spring cleaning activities), exercise routines, and other repetitive activities raise energy and because it has a purpose (cleaning your house, rearranging and redecorating, or improving your physical condition) it gains coherency. Emotional energy, also obviously, comes from emotional events whether happy or sad, anger or compassion, or any other emotion strongly felt. When directed emotional energy can be much stronger than physical energy.  And then there is Metaphysical energy…

Metaphysical energy, at least in the movies, is often raised by teen-aged girls at sleep overs – usually Ouija boards are involved.  In reality, anyone practicing a metaphysical tradition (a fancy term for magic) can easily raise enough energy to attract the attention of a spirit.  Novices often report spirit activity shortly after they begin practicing. The technical tern for these is Little Nasties. it’s usually the dabblers who inadvertently draw something bigger. The reason is that energy raised needs to go somewhere. If it isn’t used or grounded, it sits there, slowly dissipating, attracting anything wanting a meal.

Physical energy alone is the least likely to attract anything. Emotional and Metaphysical energies, on the other hand, are very tasty. Unresolved emotional issues, or those that keep repeating, will build over time.  Once a threshold is reached unfocused energies will attract something that feeds off the particular emotions has an opportunity to move in. Resolve the emotional issues and the spirit will leave on its own because the energy is gone or changes to something less palatable. Smaller spirit forms will just leach off the residuals, but a bigger one will try to influence you to increase the emotion it likes.

What we consider the destructive emotions such as anger or fear produce a lot of energy very quickly. The softer emotions, such as compassion, love, or just happiness, will raise a lot of energy, but it’s more gradual. That’s why you are more likely to be aware of a spirit that feeds off the bad ones; their influences cause negative actions or emotions. The other guys, the ones that feed off the good stuff are more laid back and simply soak up what they find. Nice emotions, however, don’t always attract the nice guy spirits. A spirit wanting more energy will try to direct even love over to the dark side – conflict raises energy really fast.

If you plan to call a spirit, a process known as summoning, keep in mind they expect something from you (in the form of energy, or a task). You can bind a spirit in-thrall (another fancy term which means it’s at your beck and call until you release it). Your attitude is a big part of successfully working with spirits. The way you treat a summoned spirit is just what you can expect if something goes wrong and it gets loose. Simply lighting a candle and think good things about you home and family is really all you need to get a hearth spirit working with you: be rude to it and it works against you.

If you call a big and bad something and lose control, it will be big and bad to you and yours. That’s usually where the movie slumber party starts to go wrong.

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