Sprites – Part 8

Elves and fairies are often lumped into this category, but sprites are more appropriately put into the category of minor elemental spirits.  Sprites can be helpful, playful, capricious, and often, unintentionally dangerous.  Tick them off and they can be intentionally dangerous as well. While they may seem small in stature it isn’t a good idea to under estimate their capabilities.

Sprites appear as something related to the element associated with them.  Wind sprites, for example, can appear as dust devils; water sprites look like small water spouts, whirlpools, or as pockets of mist.  Sprites take on whatever appearance blends with their element, but the representation is always persistent. Sprites, because they are free spirits, can move wherever they want.  A small dust devil, for example can travel for miles,  But greet a sprite in a friendly way and it may just stop and visit those who can identify them.

Think of sprites as happy, energetic children who throw temper tantrums when angry.  They like to play.  Pushing things around is a favorite of wind and water sprites, earth sprites like to hide things, and fire sprites send smoke into peoples’ faces.  In a way, these are sprite’s version of a child asking “why”: how long does the adult play before getting annoyed?  If you direct them properly, in an attitude of fun, they’ll play the game you want.  Like most kids, they don’t like being told what to do, and if you’re acting like an irritated grown-up they’re likely to be even more annoying to you.  That is, after all, the purpose of the game.  There is some risk to playing with them: they don’t always know when to stop, and under the right circumstances their toys – the elements themselves – can be very dangerous.

On the other hand, sprites like to be useful.  They’ll help in any number of ways if they like you, just as they’ll annoy you if they don’t like you.  The easiest way to get them to like you is to consider their pranks as just that.  Getting annoyed makes you a target for their fun, although ignoring them will get them bored and they’ll go away – eventually.  Under most circumstances sprite don’t hang around long anyway.  And while they can’t be summoned like an elemental, they will occasionally move in if you set up an environment suitable to the individual type.

However, sprites are not children; they are child-like.  This is important to keep in mind if you have dealings with them.  If you are able to understand them, they have the same information about their element as a full-blown elemental – they’re just smaller.  Don’t talk down to them.

Because of their nature, you aren’t likely to be bothered much by a sprite.  Even then, since they are pretty much outdoors types, they rarely hassle people indoors.  There are exceptions, but not very often.  Just get more playful when they’re around and the sprite will be happy.  While it’s around it can alert you to the presence of things spiritual, or impart useful information. All in all, sprites are pretty safe to have around.  Just don’t make them throw a tantrum.

Check back with us soon for Part 9.

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