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Specializing in Extreme Hauntings

We try to make our intervention as comfortable as possible for our client. We know that an over night investigation can be inconvenient, so we do not require one, except in rare, extreme cases.

We start our procedure by having our client fill out a form. The form is a requirement for us to move forward with the case. It will helps us prepare appropriately for the type of activity we will be dealing with. Once the form is received and reviewed we will be in touch to set up an appointment.

In cases of haunted housed, the team will walk the home and property to locate the source of activity, while also searching for any natural or environmental causes of the phenomena.

If the phenomena cannot be rationally explained or disproved, and evidence of paranormal activity is found, then we will apply a more spiritual approach.

Depending on the uniqueness or severity of the case, action can either be taken immediately or may require a more thought out procedure.

If a case requires a more thought out procedure, the team will analyze the situation based on the information that was gathered from the walk-through. Once we come to an agreement about the source of the activity; we then will consult and determine the best course of action.

We will inform of our conclusion, discuss the details of the plan and why we feel it is the best solution for your situation.

We always work within the clients comfort zone and religious beliefs when possible.

No action will be taken without your consent.

We feel it is important for the person experiencing the activity to be involved in the process of resolving the situation. This means that the client’s participation is necessary.

However, when it comes to young children and depending on the uniqueness or severity of the case, for their own safety we may ask that they stay with a friend or family member.

Our clients and their family’s safety is a top priority.

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