Protect Yourself Against Attacks

When an entity attacks a person it is called a psychic attack. A psychic attack is a manipulation of the energetic body known as the aura.

To be under psychic attack means that a negative energy is focused on penetrating your aura to cause harm. Once the aura is penetrated the negative energy can cause physical and spiritual harm.

Psychic attacks can come from living people that have ill intentions towards you, negative ghost and spirits, dark entities and demons.

Note: Below we have a list of symptoms of what may experience when under psychic attack, but keep in mind that they can also be psychiatric or psychological changes; therefore, you must be wary when you look at these as symptoms.

1. A feeling of being watched
2. A feeling someone touch when no one is present
3. Hearing disembody voices
4. Sudden changes in personality and behavior for no reason
5. A loss of self-confidence
6. Irrational fear, anger or sorrow
7. Sudden depression without an apparent reason
8. Sudden and irrational difficulties with relationships
9. Feeling you have been cut or scratched, when no one is there
10. Icy cold sensation on your body.
11. Feeling drained or a sudden loss of energy
12. Fatigue for no reason
13. Memory and/or time loss
14. Unable to think clearly or make logical decisions
15. Frequent or recurring nightmares
16. Imagining monsters, animals or frightening shadows
17. Visions or hallucinations that are disturbing
18. Strange recurring accidents that can seem like bad luck
20. Sudden illnesses that elude diagnosis and cannot be explained
21. A negative obsessive thought, desire or fetish that won’t go away
22. A discomfort or fear in a specific room or area in your home

Our aura is our natural psychic protection. Aura parameters such as colors, size, shape, evenness, and uniformity change dynamically over time in response to the total environment. It is affected by such factors as daily stress, psychological bombardment, other people’s intentions and desires toward us, jealousy, induced fear, threats, hatred, and noise which can cause the aura to shrink or create wear and tear, repressed or negative emotions, spiritual warfare, alcohol and/or drug abuse.

It’s difficult for anyone or anything to penetrate an aura that is healthy and strong.


Clear your aura with white sage, copal or Tibetan incense on a daily basis. (It’s recommended to do this at the end of your day to clear any negativity or stress that has be collected through out the day.)

Spray yourself and/or your home with holy water. (Use a spray bottle so you can mist the water over you. Never drink holy water is can make you sick.)

Get 15 mins of sun a day. (Negative energies do not like sunlight)

If you feel your energy is “off” due to attacks you can have an energy worker clear your aura and align your Chakras.

Make positive personal affirmations for yourself.

Keep a loving and caring attitude towards others.

Include time for prayer and/or meditation on a daily basis.

Practice deep breathing exercises when you become fearful and anxious. Fear can be a helpful response to something that can be harmful to us or even life treating, so we know to protective ourselves, but in some case, when dealing with ghost or other entities it can be your enemy. They thrive on your fear, feed off of it, therefore the more you fear them, the stronger they become. Best thing to do but not always the easiest, is to try and remain calm, keep your “poker face” on, evaluate the situation and if you feel you must leave, just calmly walk away. Try not to give them what they need and want.

There are various gem stones that you can carry in your pocket or wear in jewelry to help with protection, grounding and put you in touch with higher vibrational beings, such as angels.


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