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*Extreme Haunted House/ Business Form

This form is for those experiencing extreme hauntings with elements of violence, sexual &/ or physical attacks, spirit attachment, coming under spirit influence &/or possession. This type of haunting would be connected to a building or property & not just to an individual, however one or more individuals maybe targeted by the haunting.

(Free) Austin,TX & surrounding area within a 60 mile radius.

*Paranormal Skype Consultation

Requirements: must have Skype and speak & understand English clearly.

You will receive an email asking if you would like a 1 or 2  hour consultation. When you reply, you will receive a date and time for the consultation. Once you agree to the date & time, you will be scheduled & appropriate contact information will be sent, as well as an invoice via paypal. Invoice must be paid before consultation can take place.

Consultations are for insight, advice & guidance only. A lot of clients find consultations to be very helpful in understanding their situation & steps that need to be taken to be freed. ($75 per hour)

*Spirit Discernment

This is a type of medium reading/ consultation that will help discern what spirits are around the client & offer advice, guidance & insight on their situation. (Removal NOT Guaranteed)

($175) Must be done in person. Client must travel to us.

*Attachment & Possession

It is require to have a Spirit Discernment first. Depending on the outcome of the discernment, we may determine that a team effort is best for proper removal.

($350) Must be done in person. Client must travel to us.

Must be 18 or older (under age, must have parent/ guardian contact us).

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