Protective Stones

Things you need to know about having protection stones.

You can not just simple carry a stone or stones and expect them to work. It’s important to make an energetic connection with the stone or stones and believe in their metaphysical properties.

Children tend to do this automatically, where as adults it may take more work. If you feel very drawn to a stone then the energetic connection is already made.  You may feel as though this stone is calling out to you. Otherwise, it is recommended to meditate with the stone to build that connection. 

Do not rely solely on the stone for protection,  It is only to help assist in protection.

Protection from negative energies: black kyanite, black obsidian, black onyx, black tourmaline (transmutes to positive energy), bornite, celestite, citrine, elestial crystals, jet (absorbs negative energies), katanganite, kunzite, peacock ore, plancheite, quartz and smoky quartz (especially in healing).

Protection for children: agate (especially blue lace agate and green moss agate), jade, malachite, ruby and mother of pearl (for newborn infants in particular).

Grounding stones: agate, apache tears, bloodstone, boji stones (Kansas pop rocks), brecciated jasper, candle quartz, carnelian, cuprite, dalmatian jasper, fluorite, garnet, hematite, obsidian, salt, smoky quartz, tiger iron (mugglestone), topaz and unakite.

Angelic communication & protection: angelite, amethyst flowers, aquamarine, blue lace agate, celestite, danburite, moonstone, morganite, muscovite and selenite.

Protection Against Attacks

Light Protection Exercise


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