Succubi and Incubi Part 10

Female and male respectively, succubi and incubi are commonly put into the demon category of spirits.  This is true particularly true in monotheistic believe systems, but less so in polytheistic ones that don’t have the view that all things are either good or evil.  Cultures allowing shades of gray in their spirits consider them potentially dangerous or disruptive to relationships, but not necessarily evil.  Either way, anything that lives off sexual energy is probably something to be wary of.

In spirit form they come at night to inflict sleeping humans with erotic dreams and lie with them.  These dreams are not always the nice kind, and can often be disturbing variations of your own subconscious desires.  Your sleep under this influence is often not very restful and you can wake still feeling tired – even more tired than when you went to sleep.  This is because these spirits live by absorbing the energy brought about by those dreams.  Over time continued exposure can lead to lethargy and loss of interest in human partners.

Both variants are capable of complete physical manifestation.  In other words – they can take on human form and interact on a physical level.  According to the legend, King Arthur’s Merlin was the off-spring of his human mother and an incubus.  Once in human form, it’s very difficult to tell them from humans.  In this form they are seducers or opportunists, depending on your point of view.  In group settings they feed off the inherent sexual energy of the crowd, usually at parties or other social gatherings.  A group is like a buffet and they are attracted to the individuals with the highest libido since these people are like a banquet for them.

Having a low libido is not a defense.  Along with their ability to draw this particular form of energy goes the ability to direct your own energies into that direction.  They are amazing flirts and are always willing to play.  It’s the energy that counts, not your gender.  Although the stories usually place a succubus with a male human and an incubus with a female, some seem to be equal opportunity feeders.

Some of these are not very nice.  They feed without consideration for the subject’s well-being.  This group will drain you of everything they can.  Drained of energy, even the common, simple things become chores; a lack of focus toward normal activity develops; illness can seep in.  Overtime the little buggers can become bolder and you start feeling the sensations of lovemaking, even physical ones, while you are awake.  One documented case of a women being subjected to what can only be described as sexual abuse by a spirit could easily be a nasty incubus.  It followed her for years, even after multiple moves across the country.  The narrator of the television show documenting the story declared it to be a ghost, but this sort of spirit behavior is not typical of ghosts.

There are nicer ones, as well.  They stop by for a quick snack or dinner, and move on.  Even if they stay around, they never take more than is available, although it may take a while to find the balance between too little or too much.  Others give as good as they get, helping some people have a much better time than they ever had.  It’s a complicated group of spirits.  And as with most spirit types, each is an individual with a different personality.

Getting rid of a bad one is a serious concern and really should be undertaken only in extreme cases.  Most of the time, they leave on their own.  Most people like a variety of tastes in foods, and these spirits do as well.  Besides, humans have a limited capacity for producing the food of choice.

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