The Alamo Spanish Monk Ghost

This was just a little road trip to San Antonio on New Years Day 2011 for my partner and I.  We thought it would be fun to take some cool photos of some cemeteries in SA and decided to walk the Alamo grounds as well.

It was an unusually warm day this time of year and there were ALOT more people than we had ever thought would be there on such a big holiday, with the paranormal mindset….more bodies, more energy to use for a spirit to manifest into a full body apparition.  As we were walking around the grounds, I would remind my partner “make sure you take 2-3 consecutive photos of each area you are focused on” this is the rule of thumb for capturing any type of ghost photos.  It gives you a “before and after” view when reviewing the photos later.

We came across one area of the Alamo and there was a kid playing with a ball and I thought it would be cool to capture this kid in action.  Sherry was taking the same photos as I was, and I didn’t realize it.  We had photos of the same kid, the same area, within seconds or within the same second.  Which was really cool when reviewing.

Now to the good part…we get home and decide to go over our photos.  We set everything up on the HD tv to view them larger.  My partner is great at going through each photo, paying extreme attention to detail.  She goes through her photos first and comes across the 3 consecutive photos that she took within the same second/minute.  She zooms in….she sees a blue color, mist….she zooms in closer….switches back and forth to the other photos…then back to the blue mist….and ohhh myyy…!!!  She calls me to come in to the living room.  I sit at different angles to try to see what she sees.  She walks me through each one, without showing me the prize.  I walk up to the monitor, and this is what I see.

Through each of these photos is the same family, with the boy playing ball…then I zoom into the questionable photo and see the blue mist, it seems to be swirling and attached to something, I zoom in more and see a man…standing with his arms folded in what appears to be a dark robe.  Not only can you see this, but you can also see facial details and even hair details, skin tone, etc., it looks like a Spanish monk!  We were so excited to have this photo!!  We immediately started researching Spanish Monk sightings at the Alamo, and came up with one story of a security guard that witnessed one there in a dark, heavy robe in the summer heat.  But no photos.  Very interesting for sure.  So now, take a look at the photos and comment if you want.  These photos have not been altered whatsoever, even our skeptic in one of our groups could not explain this photo with his fancy tech software. 🙂

These photos are for those that are interested in the paranormal.  Any scrutinizing comments will be removed.

Alamo Spanish Monk
This shows the area of the manifestation. It happens by the tree behind the little girl in pink.
Spanish Monk
Close up of the area of the manifestation.
spainish monk
This taken just seconds before the manifestation.
Close up of photo #2
Here you can see the manifestation of the monk.
Close up of photo #3. You can clearly see a blue mist is attached to what appears to be a man standing with his arms crossed, wearing a long robe.

Spanish Monk
Closer close up of photo #3. Here you can see the details better. You can see distinct characteristics such as skin tone, somewhat long parted, waving hair and mustache. Notice there are no legs! You can even see through him and the blue mist.
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