IMPORTANT: Stages listed below can also be psychiatric or psychological changes; therefore, you must be wary when you look at these stages of possession. 

  • MANIFESTATION is when the entity is invited in, intentionally or unintentionally.

Examples of intentionally: trying to curse or bind someone, dabbling in the occult, the inexperienced trying to communicate with the dead, etc.

Examples of unintentionally: can be as simple as negative thoughts that go astray,  hatred towards someone, a moment of anger or rage where control is lost, overwhelming feelings of guilt or sadness, suicidal thoughts, reckless behavior or over-indulging in bad habits.

There are cases where ghosts and other types of spirits already inhabit a place and something is done to stir them in to action.

  • INFESTATION is when the entity makes itself known to you. You may experience the feeling of being watched; hear knocks or scratching on walls, whispers, sometimes growls, strange electrical occurrences that can’t be rationally explained, and poltergeist activity. Generally… you are being haunted.
  • OPPRESSION – One of their favorite tactics is making it difficult for the target to sleep, oftentimes by making loud noises, causing disturbing nightmares, unnatural sexual dreams and hallucinations. Another way is to find and expose any weaknesses, fears, guilt or grief and use them as a trigger. (Think of the trigger as a button that has been programmed to cause a particular reaction when pushed.)

The target may find themselves embracing bad habits and experiencing uncontrollable anxiety, anger, or sadness. They may experience fits of violence, self hate and suicidal thoughts.

The goal of oppression is to break down the target to a point of despair so they are opened for possession.

Oppression can be quick, but most of the time it takes days, weeks, months and, in some cases depending on how strong the person’s free will is, years. 

  • POSSESSION is when the target’s active free will has been breached and the entity has access to the body.  At this point of possession, people will report blacking out or watching from above while the entity has control of their body.

Depending on the entity, for example a ghost, most likely it’s about having a physical body again so they can accomplish something they would like to do; however, in the more malevolent cases, the prize is the soul.  In this case, the ultimate goal is to claim and take the soul by tormenting it to the point where the person either commits suicide or the body becomes so emaciated that it dies.