They are human spirits that have not crossed over to their rightful place and are dwelling in between the two realms, the physical and the spirit.

Family Ghost

Ghosts which are connected to a particular family. They may have unresolved issues with someone in the family, it could be fairly current or go back to your ancestors.

Full Body Apparition

A ghost or spirit is seen in a solid form.


The incorporeal part of humans, such as the mind or soul.  It can also be a supernatural, incorporeal being having a particular character.

Non-human Spirits

Nonhuman spirits are exactly what the name implies. These spirits are not human and have never been human. Nonhuman spirits are able to manifest themselves in any form they choose. Not all nonhuman spirits are malicious.


A being or existence that exists as distinct, independent, or self-contained being.

Non-physical Entity

An entity that lacks a physical or material body or material or physical characteristics. In some religions they are believed to be deties, devas, gods or goddess, etc. They belong to a supra-physical plane of existence.


Nature spirits. Their essence is unique and specific to one of the four elements of the physical universe: air, fire, water, and earth. A fifth element, Ether, is the element of spirit. It  is the realm of angelic beings and other non corporeal, or non physical beings.

Non-corporeal Being

Composed of various forms of intelligent energy, these beings absorb and use energy from their environment.  Some feed off of human energy.

Parasitic Entity

An intelligent energetic being that manipulates and attaches itself to a human host, much like a leech.


Malevolent non-human entity that torments humans.

Graveyard Specters

Also known as shells or shades, these apparitions are believed to be ethereal remnants left after a person’s death. They are commonly found in graveyards days or weeks after a burial. They are seen as dark or gray shadowy forms.

Shadow People

These are spirits that appear in a human form. A shadow person may simply be a ghost that does not have the energy to fully manifest itself. It may also be a spirit carrying a strong negative emotion, such as anger, sadness, hatred, etc. This often causes their energy to be darkened. There are also reports of shadow animals.

Shadow Creatures

These beings are different from ghosts; they are not human entities. They usually appear as shapeless dark masses. They have no human features, though they are sometimes seen as hooded, cloaked figures.

Some people say they seem to be made up of dark smoke or dark steam. Some are seen as child-sized dark humanoids while others are 7-8 ft tall. People who encounter them have a feeling of dread.