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*Extreme Haunted House/ Business Form

This form is for those experiencing extreme hauntings with elements of violence, sexual &/ or physical attacks, spirit attachment, coming under spirit influence &/or possession. This type of haunting would be connected to a building or property & not just to an individual, however one or more individuals maybe targeted by the haunting.

(Free) Austin,TX & surrounding area within a 60 mile radius.

*Paranormal Skype Consultation

Requirements: must have Skype and speak & understand English clearly.

You will receive an email asking if you would like a 1 or 2  hour consultation. When you reply, you will receive a date and time for the consultation. Once you agree to the date & time, you will be scheduled & appropriate contact information will be sent, as well as an invoice via paypal. Invoice must be paid before consultation can take place.

Consultations are for insight, advice & guidance only. A lot of clients find consultations to be very helpful in understanding their situation & steps that need to be taken to be freed. ($100 per hour)

*Entity Verification

A medium will help verify what entities are around the client, offering information on the workings of attachments, insight, advice & guidance on their situation. (Removal NOT Guaranteed)

($180) This can be through video chat if you are out of state or country or in person. If in person the client must travel to us. We are not responsible for traveling expenses. (As of right now, we are offering this service only online due to the pandemic.)

*Attachment & Possession

It is require to have an Entity Verification first. Depending on the outcome of the discernment, we may determine that a team effort is best for proper removal.

($350) Must be done in person. Client must travel to us.

Must be 18 or older (under age, must have parent/ guardian contact us).

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